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02 October 2012

Hello Kitty Town in Malaysia, JB.

According to Market Research Group from Iskandar Project, Hello Kitty Malaysia is predicted to outperform Legoland Malaysia in terms of fans, visitors and ROI even before it is opened! Hello Kitty Malaysia will break all records for bringing in world attention beating both Legoland and Johor Premium Outlet by a handsome margin. Hello Kitty Land which cost only RM 115 milliom to build beats handown the Legoland Malaysia project which cost RM 750 million. Johor Premium Outlet took RM 149 million to build. Soon, all of Johor will be talking about Hello Kitty, a mysterious kitty with no mouth!! On another front, a huge transport problem will arise because the transport eco-system is lacking!
From Kuala Lumpur Plus highway, take exit 253 to Senai Airport/Tuas and proceed to Exit 311 showing way to Kota Iskandar. Continue towards Kota Iskandar and proceed to Puteri Harbour. Hello Kitty Land is sited next to Puteri Harbour.
From Singapore second link at Tuas, proceed towards Kota Iskandar. Take exit 312 which will take you to Kota Iskandar. Thence, look for direction to Puteri Harbour. Hello Kitty is sited next to Puteri Harbour.
From Johor Bahru, take the new Coastal Highway to Kota Iskandar after passing Danga Bay. Take the direction to Puteri Harbour. Hello Kitty is next to Puteri Harbour.
Adjoining the Hello Kitty Land is an Little Big ClubIndoor Theme Park which will have characters like Thomas and Friends, Barney, Bob the builder, Angelina Ballerina and Pinggu. All these characters will entertain you no end. Both Hello Kitty and Indoor theme Park will open on 26th October 2012.
Entrance fee for Hello Kitty and Little Big Club has just been announced. RM65 (non-My-Kad).and RM50 (My-Kad). The combined 2 parks' ticket will cost RM85 & RM65 each.

GPS Co-ordinates and location of Puteri Harbour, Hello Kitty and Little Big Club:
1º 24’59” N 103º 39’31” E


  1. sapa peminat HK boleh la p kan

  2. untungnyer sapa dok kat JB.... mcm2 ada......


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